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All fire sprinkler systems leak or corrode over time…it is better to do minor repairs now than to replace the whole system later

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Every fire sprinkler system will leak or corrode as it ages. With regular maintenance these unavoidable issues can be caught early before they become a major issue that forces a complete replacement of the whole system.

Regular maintenance and minor repairs spread the cost of operating a fire sprinkler system over time and extends the overall life of the system. Keeping all parts of your fire sprinkler system up to date and in good repair also ensures that your personnel and building are adequately protected in the event of a fire.

Common Repairable Problems in Fire Sprinkler Systems


Leaks can be the result of damage caused by impact or vibration. Leaking can also be caused by rapid temperature changes that can loosen fittings or even cause cracks in pipes. Leaks may also be a sign that corrosion is occurring. Fittings that are improperly seated may eventually leak and require replacement. In any event any leaks should be repaired when spotted.

Sprinkler Head or Pipe Damage

Sprinkler pipes can be damaged during renovations within your facility. It is important to inspect the pipes during any construction. Sprinkler heads can be damaged for the same reasons and should also be checked. Sometimes birds enter large facilities and affect the sprinkler heads. In other cases vandalism can be the cause of either sprinkler pipe or head damage, in these cases protective cages could be a solution.


Unfortunately any system that uses metal and water is susceptible to corrosion, especially where differing metals are used. Corrosion can cause holes in pipes and result in leaking. Corrosion can  even cause thinning of pipe walls resulting in their inability to maintain pressure which could lead to pipes bursting.

Fire Sprinkler Emergency Repairs

Stevenson Sprinkler and Fire Protection offers 24/7 emergency service. If you have any issues with leaks from your fire sprinkler system, or if your fire alarm system is sounding, you can count on us to fix it professionally at any time of the day.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Contracts

Stevenson Sprinkler and Fire Protection also offers preventative maintenance and testing services as per NFPA 25 regulations. Performing routine maintenance on your fire systems can increase its lifespan and reliability. Stevenson Sprinkler can guide you though the necessary preventative maintenance and help you create a budget and maintenance schedule to ensure your peace of mind.

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